Ichiro Joker Black & White

Ichiro Joker Black & White

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The Joker Monochrome

This single malt whiskey comes from the Hanyu distillery situated on the banks of Tone river in Japan. The distillery was surrounded by barley & paddy fields and Hanyu used to make this fine whiskey in the traditional Scottish way till 2000.

After few years, when the ownership changed in 2004 and the distillery’s pot-stills and equipment got dismantled, Ichiro Akuto, the grandson of the founders of Hanyu distillery, established a new distillery on the hill of Chichibu and revived the legacy of forefathers’. A result of it is the Ichiro’s Malt Joker Monochrome.

The Joker Japanese whiskey is matured in different casks like Bourbon, Cognac, Madeira and Sherry, and these in turn come in varying sizes like that of Butt, Puncheon, Hogshead and Chibidaru.

• The cask size of this particular vintage liquid sensuality is Hogshead.

• The Ichiro’s malt Card Joker was distilled in 1985 and bottled in 2014, making it all the more urgent to be added to your collection.

• It has 54.9% alcohol content and is non-chill filtered and non-colored. Another reason to procure it.

• This bottle of Ichiro malt Card Joker contains 700ml of exquisite refinedness ready to flow through you & take you back in time by more than 30 years.

• There are only 241 bottles of this colored Black & White Card series legacy available in the world, and Liquidz has one of it (Number 181) exclusively available for you.

If there was one Ichiro’s Card series whisky to be owned by a collector, an investor and a person who wishes to impress – this would be the one