Collection: 電子消費券計劃 Consumption Voucher Scheme

電子消費券計劃 Consumption Voucher Scheme 

親愛的客戶們現可從8月1日起,用以下四個指定儲值支付工具:支付寶香港、八達通、Tap & Go「拍住賞」及WeChat Pay HK,選擇最適合自己的工具,分期領取5,000元消費券,在我們的online shop上面選購並以Tap & Go「拍住賞」網上付款。

Any 12 bottles for free delivery with extra 10% off discount, and a $300 coupon for the next purchase at our shop. For any enquiry please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. 

Germany, Fritz Windich Riesling Kabinatt $168
Germany, Markus Molitor Kabinett 2018 $230 
Italy, Atitilus Prosecco NV at $168
Italy, Atitilus Moscato NV at $168
New Zealand, Framingham Sauvignon Blanc 2019 $238

France, Chateau de Graves 2010 $199
Italy, Gran Maestro 2019 $199
Sierra Cantabria Reserva 2014 $230
Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva 2010 $340  
Sierra Catabria Colleccion Privada 2015 $450 


Special sets 2x

SET A (6 sets only)
Sierra Cantabria El Bosque 2010 $999 per bottle 
(2 bottles a case in all black gift box set, was $1,280, saved $562)

SET B (10 sets only)
Roku Gin & JTHK glass gift box set $498 
What's in this special box set ? 
1x Roku Gin 500ml ($420),
1x Our JTHK Handcrafted Wooden Box ($168),
1x Limited Edition Glass ($198)
and a $100 coupon for next purchase. 

Limited stock, for more details please contact our staffs. 

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